The Sound of Alchemy: Bigger Than Prince Playlist

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Photo via Google Images.

Photo via Google Images.

Who are you when you are living your best life? your biggest life? your most creative life? how do you feel? what do you listen to? what defines you?

you'll never find the answers to those questions unless you explore the many facets of you. Hit play to start exploring. 

Playlist Curator: The Alchemist

This Playlist's Vibe:

This playlist is pleading with you to let loose, to not take yourself too seriously, but to also acknowledge that you're just as amazing as Prince. Be a little cocky, have a little fun—get high on your own perfume. You're a gem, no matter where you are or what life phase you are currently living in. 

When Should You Listen?

Listen to this playlist when you need to take a mental break from the 'drama' of life. You do you—and focus on nothing else. 



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