#FutureForecasts: Week of February 5th - February 11th, 2018

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Connect in with the anchor of your soul. Acknowledge and accept emotional pain you feel (new or old, from this lifetime or another). Send love to that pain; set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…

This week’s readings are paired with mantras from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Miracles Now.


Your miracle message is: “The moment we begin to celebrate ourselves and focus on our successes is the moment we begin living.”


It’s time to set boundaries. It’s time to draw lines in the sand.


When your time, energy, and reputation are on the line–you need to practice healthy selfishness. What that means is that it’s time to put yourself first. Release any guilt you feel when it comes to saying, “no.”


You don’t owe anyone your time, your attention, or your expertise—and it’s time to start getting a fair exchange for your services. No more ‘for free.’


Your time and energy need to go to you. Why? It’s time for you to grow and expand in ways that you haven’t grown before. You’re going to need more personal space, more room to breathe, and more freedom to stretch your wings and fly where you want to go (with no approvals needed from others).


These past six months you’ve been going through this (and it will continue for some time). The thing is… there’s no need to rush. However, there is a need for you to step up to allow your personality to line your skin. Allow others to truly see who you are… flaws and all.


You’ll be so surprised when you allow others to see the real you—it won’t be stressful. It will be so relaxing. You’ll feel supported in ways you’ve never felt before. It’s beautiful and magical, and you deserve to feel at ease.


Pay special attention to your nighttime dreams. What are they showing you? Listen to them. Act on your impulses. You are doing you. Be free with it.


Be free, I said! Not sloppy! Stay focused. Write everything down. Get your focus in tact. For some of you this will mean you need to exercise daily, for others it means you need to meditate. It doesn’t matter what you do to get ‘in the zone,’ just make sure you do it.


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Your miracle message is: “I am not the victim. I am the lighthouse.”


This week it’s important for you to envision that you are in one of the seven power centers of the world (think: Chichen Itza). As you see yourself here, start to hope wish and pray for the things that you most want in your life. Connect your energy in with that place, that time, and allow your energy to re-align to a place of powerful potency.


It’s going to take a miracle to get you what you want—but if you’re a miracle magnet, it’s not such a big deal! You’ll be able to do it easily.


So ask yourself: “What do I need to do to be more of a miracle magnet?” Then do it.


Where there are lightening bolts and rainstorms there are also waterfalls, rainbows, and flourishing flowers. With the good comes the bad—it’s all about what you focus on, right?


The catch is that you need to focus on being the best version of yourself as possible. You need to put your foot down with yourself and get disciplined. You are embodying warrior energy this week, and you’ll want to channel that ‘I can do anything’ mentality to places that support you.


The more love, support, and respect you give to the things in your life, the more your life will love, support, and respect you.


Don’t give up now. Lean into your strengths, and use them to showcase your value as a human being.


Write down your goals. Draft a realistic action plan. Focus on one step, then the next, then the next.  Slowly but surely you will hit your mark.


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Your miracle message is: “No is a complete sentence.”


Do you notice how wonderfully calm you feel when you take care of yourself? When you allow your needs to be met?


It’s important that you up your antioxidant intake. Have blueberries, ample amounts of water, and anything rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s flu season, and you don’t want to drag yourself down by putting yourself in a place to feel ‘under the weather.’


Take long walks. Wear warm woolly sweaters. Allow yourself to go to sleep early. You need to take your time with everything this week. No rushing. Not fussing. No pushing. No draining.


Just comfort. Support. Happiness. Healing.


This week is a week of transformation for you. The more you allow yourself to rest in the beginning of the week, the more beautiful the weekend will be for you.


New habits, new phases—you deserve this level of success.


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Your miracle message is: “I surrender my desires and I know the universe has my back.”


There’s a focus on balance this week. Balance resting with doing. Balance out your diet so that you’re eating fresh foods that nourish your system. Drink ample amounts of water.


If you’re in a cold climate—drink warm water to help hydrate your cells (your body is able to absorb warmer foods and drinks more easily than it can with cold foods and drinks).


Head out into nature. Meditate, but don’t spend your entire day doing that… If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your lust for life, add things into your schedule that make you happy and excited to be alive.


Call old friends that you love, go out on an adventure. Reshuffle your energy.


You’ve been so serious lately. You’ve been searching for the answers to your deepest questions about existence and life—and you’ve been searching in all the wrong places.


You won’t find excitement in life in other people. You will find it within yourself by living with joy, happiness, and elements of freedom. You won’t find hope in a church or at an altar, you will find hope when you encounter a beautiful soul who is on a mission to change the world.


There’s a difference between superficial images and live, living beings. It’s normal to confuse the two if you don’t know the difference… but now it’s time for you to acknowledge that there’s a difference between the ‘image’ of your life and the actual feeling s you have while you are living it.


The things that matter most to your soul won’t be found in a car, in a home, in an inanimate object. The things that matter most to your soul will move you to tears. They will bring you around the world. They will lead you to the doorsteps of incredible people who will alter your state of being—who will ignite your passion.


An image is worth a thousand words—so what do you think your actions are worth? Hint: A hell of a lot more. Drop the ego act. That time of your life is now over.


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Your miracle message is: “Your eyes will see what you desire.”


Imagine that this letter is written from someone who has hurt you the most:


“Your light and your beauty lit up my world. Your passion, discernment, and power lit up my confidence and belief in my personal truth. Seeing you walk around like you own the earth was groundbreaking for me. It intimidated me at times, seeing someone be so strong, so beautiful, so raw, and so real.


You tied all the loose ends of life together into a beautiful woven pattern. Your bones laid a foundation for a person that was all too unique—too unique for me to feel like I could be unique as well. It’s why I questioned you so much. It’s why I cornered you to try to see if someone like you could really be real.


I saw the regal energy you espouse, and because of my own low self esteem, I made myself believe that your crown wasn’t made of gold—but was rather gold plated. What I did to you was wrong, and I apologize. My journey through the world since we have first met has made me realize how beautifully real you really were. How I was a fool to lose you to things that weren’t real, and weren’t raw.


Your energy is pure. The truth of your soul is powerful enough to light up a room—and I hope you remember that as you walk through the various paths your life will lead you on… You have a heart of gold, and that alone is worth all the treasure in the world.”


Your week might test you this week—but you need to remember that you are golden. The things that set you apart from the crowd are valuable pieces of your being. Doors are opening for you right now—don’t hesitate to walk through them. They are leading you to the places of your dreams (and that’s not to be taken lightly). Your current movements are part of your life purpose. Keep going, even when it’s hard. Keep going. Keep going.


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Your miracle message is: “My spiritual practice can resolve all inner conflict.”


You’ve given too much to the wrong people. This week is prime time to take your energy, money, time, and attention and give it back to yourself.


Your unhealthy connections to people who drain you have gone too far. It’s time to start saying no, and start loving yourself more than your need to be liked. It’s normal to want to be liked! It’s also okay J but what’s not okay is draining yourself to make others feel happy and comfortable (and getting nothing back in return).


Time to dissolve draining energetic cords (I like this Cord Cutting meditation), and maybe meet with a healer to see if anyone has energetic hooks in your chakras? Energetic hooks are stronger than cords and typically form when people manipulate you. It’s important to get those out as soon as they form and to kick those people out of your life (to the extent that’s possible for you at this time).


You have your eyes on accomplishing something, and it’s so close yet so far—and the reason why you feel like that is because of the way you’ve been directing your energy. So, after you take your energy back from those who drain you—you’re going to have to give your dreams EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. Time to take a leap of faith.


No, you don’t know what exactly will happen—but you’re a determined being who is capable of so much.


Believe in yourself. Purify your intentions. Clear up the muck in your life. Clear out your closets. Hit the road. Get moving. It’s time to do you. No apologies necessary.


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Your miracle message is: “It’s important to exercise our brains the same way we exercise our bodies.”


You know what to do Libra! You’re up at night thinking about it, your dreaming about it, you’re planning. You’re pining. It’s time to start moving.


What I’m referring to is your day-dreams about your life (maybe even your nighttime dreams, too). You’ve been praying for signs, signals, and guides on how to make it happen—and all of the signs and signals have been showing up! They are telling you exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it.


So why aren’t you going for it? What’s holding you back?


If you feel scared, get yourself into a receptive mode. What can you do to help your energy open up to the amazing world of infinite possibilities?


If working out helps you, do it. If eating healthy foods helps you, do it. If jamming out to a killer playlist helps you, do it. Go for gold. It’s time to start believing in yourself and realizing your potential for greatness. You go, GIRL.


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Your miracle message is: “I can change my patterns when I change my mind about them.”


As you start your week, you may be feeling the feels. Moody. Tired. Collapsing.


Let yourself collapse. Fall. Crash. Burn.


Do you know why I’m suggesting this? It’s because new fresh phases come after cycles of death. Rebirth is what they call it—and it’s beautiful.


Allow yourself to rise from the ashes. Feel your moods. Allow them to show you things that you’ve missed in your life and your relationships. Acknowledge the things that aren’t working—and set them free.


Why? Because it’s time to lighten your load. It’s time to let go of burdens and be free. Let go of the things that make you feel heavy and callous. It’s time to be soft, gentle, and compassionate.


If you do this at the beginning of the week, you will feel like a bold rockstar by the weekend—and you’ll even feel restored and recharged.


If you are a fan of crystals—try working with selenite, clear quartz, citrine, and celestite. You need to clear the air.


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Your miracle message is: “Honor your commitments. Show up for yourself and the world.”


I almost didn’t write a future forecast for your sign because you are ‘all over the place.’


So… here we go…  short. simple. sweet.


Expect miracles.




Because you’re a miracle magnet.


No other story. No other excuses. You attract miracles. It’s who you are; it’s how you live. So just live it. Okay? Okay.


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Your miracle message is: “Your eyes will see what you desire.”


 What are your six month goals? Start planting the seeds to make them happen, because right now your manifestation abilities are on fire.


You don’t need to know how everything will happen, you just need to trust that it will happen.


You are going to need to conserve your resources, so start saying no to things that you don’t want to do. Don’t feel guilty, feel proud.


Your energy, your time, your resources—they are yours. They are not meant for the leaches of your life to use, suck you dry, and then leave you there to die.


I know it sounds harsh—but just imagine what a badass you’re going to be when you start fueling yourself with your resources, rather than other people. You go girl. Do it.


Do what, you say? DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.


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Your miracle message is: “Releasing anger from the past sets me free in the present.”


Get your ass up out of bed, Aquarius!


It’s time to go outside, connect with new people, in fresh places, and wake up to the fact that this is the prime of your life. TODAY. RIGHT NOW.


Why are you trying to deny that? Why are you holding yourself back from enjoying your life and the people around you?


No one’s life is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have good money, good love, and a solid base of happiness. I really feel like you are in love with someone and you aren’t allowing yourself to fully LIVE it out. Why? What excuses are you making?


You don’t have to declare your love to the world, but you could send the object of your affection some flowers, a love note, or plan a special date night. The little gestures go such a long way—you would be amazed at what can make a girl swoon over you (or guy, whatever you’re into).


You’re a beautiful person, and it’s time you allow yourself to enjoy being a beautiful person in a beautiful world. It’s as simple as that—stop over complicating.


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Your miracle message is: “To truly flourish is to release all the tension that holds you back from letting love pour through you.”


Transitions aren’t easy. This last full moon eclipse wasn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. Seeing things for what they are isn’t easy… but truthfully… why do you care about ‘what isn’t easy?’


Why are you being such a buzz kill? You have beauty surrounding you in every direction and you’ve been blocking your eyes from seeing it so that you can complain for an extra five minutes. Cut it out Pisces—you’re being annoying.


Wake up the joy in your life with aromatherapy, fresh flowers in your home, delicious food, and a sense of adventure. Life is a trip, so don’t trip yourself out.


Some of you trip yourselves out with your negativity, others with fear—it doesn’t matter what’s tripping you out, it just matters that you stop holding yourself back from enjoying your life.


It’s so cheesy, but so transformative: Live like there is no tomorrow. You only get one life. Dance to the beat of your own drum.


Whatever your cliché line is—use it. Chant it to yourself while you walk the streets. Chant it to yourself when you make your breakfast and hop into the shower. You need to raise your vibration and it’s not going to ‘just happen.’ You have to be an active participant.


The real message for you this week is to love yourself until you feel so full of love that you emit compassion. Once you are at a state where you’re emitting compassion—share that love with other people in your life. Excite them. Get them so excited that they melt into life itself.


I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Time to be alive.


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