#FutureForecasts: Week of February 19th - February 28th, 2018

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Connect in with the anchor of your soul. Acknowledge and accept emotional pain you feel (new or old, from this lifetime or another). Send love to that pain; set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…

This week’s readings are paired with mantras from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Miracles Now.


Your miracle message is: “I can see the tormentor as the mentor.”


Step outside of your comfort zone. Take a trip to a place that’s far away from what you know.


You need to take the time to recharge your batteries, relax, and reconnect with ease. It will help open your heart. It will help you let go of toxic stress. It will help you see things clearly (because you will be far away).


You desire passion, but you need to embrace peace to get it. You need to relax into the present moment. You need to reconnect with a life that isn’t tied to a phone screen, or a laptop.


Without your phone and your laptop—who are you? What do you do when you can just roam? Where do you go? What do you see?


Answer those questions via exploration. Explore life’s many facets. Relax into the flow.


When you relax and embrace what’s alive and inf front of you, you will be met with fiery passion.


And that’s what you most desire, right?


Goddesses that are speaking to you right now include: Cordelia, Sulis, and Pele. Google them.


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Your miracle message is: “Dish out compliments sincerely and liberally.”


Transformation is where you find elevation. Butterflies go through phases the same way you do. You grow, you morph, you feel, you expand, you fly.


You’ve been thinking that your life is dry and barren—but it’s because your focus is on things outside of yourself. Shift your focus back to you; back to your wings. Back to your colorful spirit. Back to where you are, where you want to go, and how you will transform to get there.  


Be disciplined with yourself. The growth you seek will take effort and hard work. Yes, it can be hard to get your ass up out of bed at and early hour—but aren’t the rewards worth it?


This transformational period is the perfect time to ‘get real’ with yourself. What is it that you are ignoring within yourself? What false crowns are you wearing? And why are you wearing a false crown when you could be wearing your real crown?


Everyone’s crowns look differently from one another. It’s part of what makes all of us unique. What does your crown look like? If it spoke, what would it say? If you were your best self, what would you say? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you go with?


What holds you back from being your best self? And why do you engage in moments of self-sabotage, doubt, and ungratefulness? Catch yourself when you are acting out in those bad habits, and reverse them right there.


Stop it. Drop it. Or others will drop you. You know what I’m talking about… so don’t pretend to be confused. You aren’t confused. You are avoiding.


What are you avoiding? The truth of your being, and everyone else’s being. Stop with the false crowns. Stop trying to compete. It’s not the game you’re meant to play. You are only meant to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Be it. Do it.


Once you do—you’ll be swimming in a sea of opportunity. You’ll be rejoicing in all of the doors that are opening for you. The catch is that you need to walk through those doors. Don’t hesitate. Don’t manipulate. Just elevate and pick a lane.


Try working with flower essences and meditating with essential oils.


Goddesses that are speaking to you right now include: Butterfly Maiden, Dana, and Yemanya. Google them.


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Your miracle message is: “No is a complete sentence.”


It’s time to set boundaries in place. Not because others are taking advantage of you—but rather because you need to give more of your energy to yourself (and you’ll never do it unless you are forced to!).


Being a giver is a beautiful thing. However, it can be draining if you aren’t using your gifts and abilities to fill yourself up with positivity first. The goal is to fill yourself up so much that your good vibes overflow and elevate the lives of others. You give so much, and you deserve the good you put out to come back to you in return.


Start by thinking about who and what makes you feel vibrant, and who and what makes you feel bleak, bland and drained. Yank your focus out from the bleak and bland and give that energy to the vibrant ones.


Cut your hair, engage in all forms of self care. You need to elevate yourself. You need to take care of your health and wellbeing. You need you.


Don’t judge yourself or others during this process. It’s not about others not showing up for you, it’s about you starting to show up for yourself. Other people do not complete you. You complete yourself.


So for this time period, ask yourself: Where do you need to plant the seeds for your future? What do you want to create? How can you cultivate it?


The springtime is coming sooner than we think—start prepping, and start planning. Time flies faster than we realize.


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Your miracle message is: “An inversion a day keeps stress at bay.”


The second half of February is about you coming back into tune with your personal power. It’s about re-igniting the channels of positivity that flow through your mind and your body’s cells.


Your mind supercharges your universe, your thoughts are a reaction to what you see, and your intentions set the tone for how you will react to your circumstances. So let’s set the intention right now, let’s set the intention that you will use your current life’s circumstances to propel you forward into a place of positivity—a place of growth, healing, and happiness.


Drink tons of water during this time period. Supercharge your water with crystals (rose quartz, amethyst—anything that speaks to you and isn’t toxic when placed in water). The energetic vibration of the water will flush out emotional toxins and you’ll start to feel lighter and clearer.


Cleansing isn’t just a bodily thing—cleansing is emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal. As your physical energy elevates and changes, allow your physical world to do the same. Redecorate your home, throw out clutter. Embrace a new and improved version of you.


If you do the work, and cultivate your life’s soil so that your foundations nourish you—you’ll find that you’ll be more vibrant, more glowing, and more light than you could’ve ever imagined.


Sometimes transformations are slow—but for you, this month, it’s going to be fast. Use that to your advantage.


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Your miracle message is: “Love can come from any form of authentic connection.”


Your intentions make or break you—and right now it’s time to set the intention that your personal strength ensures happy outcomes.


Your intuition, your personal power, and your personal expression are strong. There’s nothing mild about them, so don’t turn your charisma down (even if you think it makes other people feel more comfortable).


This time is about you, given to you, to do you (whatever that may look like in its highest and best form). Go after what you want. Kick people out. Sign on your dream home. Go for gold.


You can afford it. You can do it. You can be the person you’ve always dreamt of being. All it takes is you saying yes and following up with action. The universe will meet you with support in whatever way you most need. Your job is to let go of the people that drain you.


Your life is a no leech zone, so say goodbye to the people who preach, ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda.’ No one gives a fuck about what you ‘could have done.’ They just care about what you did do.


Good news is you tend to walk your talk… and if you don’t… take this as a sign that it’s time to start living up to your full potential. No playing it small anymore.


The way to live your best life is to be compassionate towards yourself and others. If they make excuses, send them love. They need it, and you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Peacefully say your goodbyes and smoothly cut the ties. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life for forever—and there’s no reason to feel guilty about that…


If you can, wear a lot of crystals during this time period. They will act as a buffer and will allow you to emit light, without having the flies consume it. You’re operating on a different channel—and on this channel the users and manipulators don’t have open doors into your world.


Stay focused on yourself and your world. Write letters to the universe. Ask for help. Miracles surround you in every direction—use that to your advantage. Breathe it in, exhale it out. You have a clear path and endless possibilities in front of you now.


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Your miracle message is: “I can find peace in every breath.”


There is a fire in your heart and it is not going out. Wow. What’s the fire saying? What is it calling out for? And are you giving it what it needs to keep burning?


This is a good fire, and I can feel that you’re questioning it. The questioning is your own negativity trying to block you from happiness. You deserve to have the object of your affection. You deserve to be happy and to share your passion and love with another human being. What would make you think otherwise?


Reach out to the people that run through your mind.  Connect with them. Share with them what’s on your mind.


Take your mask off. Stop fronting. Just be who you really are, and stop hiding it from the world. Who cares what other people think? Let go of your guilt for being happy.


Change your diet. Get more greens. Japanese food will be great for your digestion, so go for that when you’re in doubt of what to eat. Wear less make up. Be natural.


Take yourself on a vacation and allow yourself to melt. Do less, you’ll feel like more.  


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Your miracle message is: “Dish out compliments sincerely and liberally.”


There’s a lot of reflection happening inside of your heart and your mind. Send yourself compassion. Let go of the need to ‘undo’ what’s already happened. Love yourself enough to let go.


You’re blocking yourself from being and living in love. You’re killing your own happiness, and it’s getting sadistic at this point. Why can’t you allow yourself to be alive? Why do you have to obsess over the details and smash any chance of true happiness?


You’ve already gone through these tough life lessons—you already know that you can’t plan and control everything and everyone. So why can’t you just let go?


You can’t let go because you can’t trust yourself. It’s time to be compassionate and take care of your deepest fears, and the first step to overcoming these fears is to admit that your fears are real and alive. Notice when you feed them. Notice when you give into pain over pleasure. Why do you do that to yourself?


Change your mind about what happiness looks like… it doesn’t look like ANYTHING. Instead, it feels like something. So what is that feeling? And what can you do to get yourself there everyday? Even if it’s just for five minutes?


You have such beautiful opportunities around you.


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Your miracle message is: “I am not the victim. I am the lighthouse.”


You are just hitting your stride, coming into your element, and embodying happiness.


The one thing not to miss is that you are still in your ‘comfortable clothing.’ You have your freedom, you have your people around you, and you have your comfort blankets clinging to your body.


Be patient with yourself this week (and others, too!).


Your passion is exploding from within and you want to fuel the fire in positive ways. Feed yourself with antioxidant rich foods (think blueberries, freshly made smoothies, and nourishing milks).


You are taking the steps necessary to live a joyful life that makes you feel alive. Soak in this feeling. You’ve worked so hard. You’ve waited for so long. You are doing such a great job. Have fun. Let your hair down. Feel the fire from within line your skin.


They say your dreams live in the stars in the skies, and right now those stars are showering down positivity all around you. ALL AROUND YOU. THIS IS INSANE.


Don’t forget to balance out all of your fun with dedicated days for self-care. Drink up. Cleanse. Take yourself out of your normal world. It’s time.


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Your miracle message is: “Your eyes will see what you desire.”


Ready, aim, fire.


You have been feeling like you have been sitting in the back seat for the last few weeks, and now… it’s your time to shine.


Wow, where are you headed? What are you thinking about? Are you ready to sink into your roots? Into your creativity? Expand your horizons? Chase the sunset?


Meditate on the topic of love as much as you can this week. The energies are just right, and you’ll be soaking in revelations—leading you to find your internal motivations and realign your life with the light.


If you can, wear pink, purple, and blue hues as much as you can. Walk around wearing silk. Wear less make up than usual. Stick to nude tones. Embrace the simplicity.


It puts you in the zone.


By the weekend, you’ll be pouring out with love, life, and abundance.


Take as much time as you can for yourself and no one else. This time period is for you and only you. Live in it.  


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Your miracle message is: “Love can come from any form of authentic connection.”


Changes are flying in, and while they may feel dark, it’s all working out for your highest good.


You have to uncover the darkness within yourself if you ever want to find the gold. Trust me as I say this—nothing happening is off course. This is part of your destiny. We all fall. We all rise.  


It’s so funny because some of you have been flying high for so long that you’ve forgotten how it feels to fall, or how the slightest trip puts you into a compromised mental and emotional state.


Don’t fret. You have help by your side—angels, and gold, and a general abundance in life.


You are stronger than any challenge that comes up against you. Ask for help when negotiating contracts, entering into partnerships, or doing anything that involves reconciling your past.


Remember that you are your number one and no one else. Keeping your end goal in mind makes the process easier.


Stay focused. Plant your seeds. Time travels faster than we realize. Keep your head up.


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Your miracle message is: “When I move my body, I bust through all that blocks me from my true health and vitality.”


The love you feel is real. This has been your theme for so so so long—so why don’t you believe it?


You are radiating. You are glowing. You are emitting the purest light. You are the embodiment of love. You, and all the blossoming flowers around you are showing me that you are in alignment with your true nature.


If you think, feel, or want something—go for it. Put the plan together. Take action. Start new projects. Write down your new ideas. You are evolving. Do not miss this period of opportunity—and don’t confuse where you are right now with where you want to be.


The opportunity in your life lives within your ability to access your inner most thinking. Opportunity is created… so… create.


The best things in life demand a leap of faith. What are you waiting for? Go for it.


You’ll never forgive yourself if you miss the opportunity window because you were debating if you would fail or fly. Fly.


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Your miracle message is: “When in doubt, play it out.”


 Opportunities are all around you. Make use of them. Enjoy them. Play. Live a little.


Don’t take anything too seriously, and don’t take anything for granted. Splash around in the waters of life (meaning explore your emotions). Feel the waves. Feel the build up. Feel the crash. Embrace it in all its phases.


There’s only one life to live. It’s beautiful and it’s damned, and it’s nothing like what we expected in the chambers of our minds—and that’s why we have to let go. That’s why we have to allow ourselves to have a little fun.


The wild thing is we all feel like we are unique creatures. We all feel like ‘no one gets us.’ You’ll be okay.


Take a risk during this time period. Your hearts desires are calling out to you. You don’t know where they will lead. Just follow the pull. Listen to your intuition. Be yourself. Weird elements and all.


There is no one that can pretend to be you. There’s only one you. You are a gem. Feel your edges. Feel your luster. Feel your sparkle. It’s real.


Sit with me for a moment. Put your hand over your heart. Close your eyes. Feel your heart beat. Feel your light (and your sparkle). Feel your depth. Feel your connection to the infinite cells in life.


You are a miracle—expect miracles.  


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