The Sound of Alchemy: Ways to Go Playlist (March '18)

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Photo via  @sincerelyjules.

Life's a journey, so hit the road—and hit play on this playlist.

Playlist Curator: The Alchemist

This Playlist's Vibe:

This playlist is all about 'being in the thick of it.' The only way out is through. The only way to get to your desired destination is to feel the highs and lows of the journey and not get stuck in one place. Just keep going. One foot after the next after the next. Not knowing who you are or what you could be is one of the best things in the world: it's where you discover your potential for being. Embrace it. Hold this time close to your heart. This is the feeling before 'more money more problems.' The simple life is sometimes the best life—we just have to recognize it. 

When Should You Listen?

Listen to this playlist while you are creating a vision board, daydreaming about your life, on your daily commute, or having friends over for a strong drink of mezcal. 



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