#FutureForecasts: Week of March 25th - March 31st, 2018

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Connect in with the anchor of your soul. Acknowledge and accept emotional pain you feel (new or old, from this lifetime or another). Send love to that pain; set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Practice makes perfect. Soak in the peacefulness in the present moment. You have stability. You have security. You have peace of mind. You have everything you need.


I can see that you have your eyes set on something that’s at a distance. You’re worried that if you give it a shot, and really go for it, that you’ll miss the mark or mess something up.


Let that fear drop of out your life and replace it with stability and confidence.


Go for it. It will be good for you—and if it doesn’t work out, at least you won’t have any questions about what could have happened.


Let’s address the ways you should let go of the fear:

-       Start by meditating on what you want and what’s blocking you from having it

-       Get yourself out into nature: exercise, go for walks, lighten up

-       Book a trip and get out of your comfort zone (just do it)


Your independence is the foundation for your success. Be strong. Move forward. The sun is illuminating your face, and it’s your tie to shine.


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Prosperity is pouring out the skies and into your hands. It’s not a coincidence. You’ve worked for this success. You’ve done hard work to get to where you are—and it’s time to recognize how powerful your intention really are…


Look at everything you have in your life right now that you have independently created. Look at how colorful your life is—notice the details and in the information that’s coming to you now.


Pay attention to what’s happening inside of you, and the way that is affecting the way you interact with the outside world.


You are more than your confusion. You are stronger than your doubts.


Believe in yourself, believe in your own strength. Breathe into the best pieces of you. Allow them to grow stronger.


It’s time for you to go after what you want—it’s time for you to start living up to your full potential. Stay focused, and you will hit your mark. You’re getting it together, Taurus. Just keep focusing.


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Gemini! You are always so in tune with the moon. This week’s full moon is just opening you up to big things. So many things have fallen out of your life, and now your new phase has truly begun.


The things you have been working towards are here—especially on the day of the full moon, March 31st.


Create an altar, say a prayer, write a letter to the universe, and clear out your closets. Throw out the junk in your life. Clean up your desk. Set your home and work spaces up to call in abundance, and give that abundance a permanent place to live.


You are changing lifestyles. You are moving from stagnant to flowing. It might feel scary. It might feel weird.


As you clear your life up, you might feel tempted to reflect on the ‘dark times’ in life—but you need to slap yourself back into the present moment. It’s time to embrace your bright future, and call in new things by living them as if they are already here.


Get yourself outside. Breathe in fresh air. Let everything go, and be thankful for what stays.


Take notes this week: what can you do? What can you not do? Then hire someone to help you with what you can’t do—because, Gemini, you can’t do it alone.


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Oh, Cancer, you are FINALLY coming out of your shell. What’s making you feel so glowy? Time alone, wearing clothes you’re obsessed with, and spending time with animals.


Don’t try to do anything this week. See what pulls you, see what excites you, see what moves you—and then do more of it.


If you’re into crystals, wear turquoise and carnelian this week. They’ll help boost you into a place of abundance, positivity, and creativity.


It’s really important to embrace feelings of emptiness. The emptiness is where your creativity has the most space to unleash itself and blossom. You need space, you need time, you need room to roam and be free.


As you head into the weekend embrace your romantic side. Be soft. Share your feelings. Gift someone something special to allow them to know how much they mean to you.


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Leo—I feel you—you’ve just about had enough. You’re taking care of everything and everyone and it’s weighing down on you. Slip away from your normal day to day activities if you can. Bolt away and take yourself on vacation (or staycation for that matter).


Let other people find their way. Let other people solve their own problems. Let other people drown in their own sorrows—and creat time in your life to play with your most fun friends.


Cut out carbs from your diet (I mean pizza, pasta, and other fatty foods). You need to embrace your creative side and you need all the fruits and veggies to do that (the vitamins and minerals will inspire you more than you could even know).


Sing, write, create, paint—engage in creative activities like it’s your job and don’t stop until you feel proud of all the creative work you’re putting out there.


Work with flower essences to relax your nervous system (I’m referring to essential oils). Stock fresh flowers in your home. Work outside under the warmth of the sun.


Embrace your emotional side. Let it all out. Feel free to cry and don’t apologize for feeling your feelings.


This beautiful phase in your life is just starting to open up. Embrace each moment of it. Feel the highs and the lows. Living your best life is a process—so whatever you do, don’t give up.


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Virgo, the world outside might be stormy—but that doesn’t mean your internal world should be, too.


What’s your problem? You know what you want. You have the means to get there. You’re just holding yourself back… Why? You know you can have it.


You’re just scared of rejection, or falling short.


You need to relax and find a way to put less pressure on yourself. You need to find time to relax and allow your mind to rest. You need to address the deeper fears that are affecting your life and holding you back in all areas of your life. You need to let go of belief systems that say you will never be able to have the career you want, or the life partner you so desire.


Once you let those fears go and those self-sabotaging beliefs get put to rest—you’ll feel clear, cleansed, and whole.


You have such a bright future, with incredible people, and true happiness. All you have to do is envision yourself turning the power switch off on your internal suffering, and turning the power switch all the way up on health, wealth, love, and happiness.


You can do it. DO IT.


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You are so much stronger than you realize, and this week your life is calling for you to step it up. No complaining, no victimizing, no draining tendencies, no toxic relationships—none of it.


Sit alone and decide what it is that you wish to create in the next month. Then look at that list and ask yourself: what do I need to let go of to make this happen?


You have to let go of toxic beliefs, relationships, clutter, and anything that doesn’t make you feel good.

Life is all about embracing the possibilities in the present moment. You have to breathe in potential and exhale reality. You need to use your present circumstances as a launchpad into the life of your dreams.


Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s no need to rush the process or force things to happen. Just take everything day by day, and allow your life to grow in beautiful and unexpected ways.


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Scorpio, you’re really annoying me. You have toxic tendencies and recently they have been getting the best of you. I’m not here to sugar coat the messages coming in for you, I’m just here to help you. So open up your ear channels and read this aloud because you need to get some things into your head.


First of all: You need to respect the boundaries and walls that other people are putting up. These people are protecting themselves from your toxic, demanding, and manipulative behavior. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and destroy the most valuable relationships you have in your life.


These people need space. Give it to them. Let them breathe. Stop trying to control them. They don’t want to be controlled—and if you keep pushing, you will lose them for good.


Second of all: You need to sit alone in a dark room and confront your inner-demons. You need more peace in your life. Sit alone until you know what to do and then do it without delay. Help yourself out by working with crystals that are associated with your crown, brow, and throat chakras. Write down your intuitive insights so that you don’t forget, and read that sheet of paper every single day.


Third of all:  You’ve been pushing others to live out their life purpose because you’ve been ignoring your own. Stop pushing agendas on other people. Stop trying to transform them. It’s not your job to transform other people. It’s your job to transform yourself, so bring the focus back to YOU.


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Life is feeling good, the color is coming back to the page, and it feels like you’re hitting the refresh button on everything in your life.


It’s time to let yourself be wild and free. No limits. No stopping. No ‘taming’ yourself. No filters.


Let your passionate fires burn, burn, burn the house down.


Who cares if the world is ready for your fire? It just matters that while you’re feeling it, you share it with the world.


People will find it at the right time.


You’re doing yourself no service by hiding your gifts. Write those articles, sing those songs, sell that art work. Get right to it.


It’s time to start doing the crazy things that you’ve only dreamt of… your time is now.


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Awe, you are feeling so sensitive this week! Watch what you eat, watch what you listen to, watch who you spend time with—be gentle with yourself.


Drink ample amounts of water this week. Listen to healing frequencies (just type in pure love frequency into YouTube). Light some sage. Dab your pulse points with relaxing essential oils.


This is the time to rest and recharge. Do not push. Do not force.


From this gentleness, you will create everything you need. You rely on your pure being to bring you what you need, and that is what true spirituality is all about…


Embrace your inner Buddha. All you need is yourself, and anything you need will magically appear.


Don’t force yourself to get into the deeper things in life, allow yourself to be light and fluffy. You need this.


Prosperity and abundance are yours. All you have to do it call it in…


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It’s time to visit a place that’s sacred to you. It’s time to unwind. It’s time to close the door on the stressors in your life. It’s time to open up to a better way of being.


Some of you will find solace in a church, while others of you will find it in a yoga studio placing your head on the mat and unwinding it all in child’s pose.


Visit a place where you can be quiet with your thoughts and open up to a conversation with the world. Pray. Light a reiki charged candle. Write letters to the universe asking for help.


You have questions, and the universe has answers. The key to getting those answers is to silence your mind and take time to be alone, to rest, and recharge.


Carve out extra time to meditate and contemplate life.


Answers will come when you are ready to receive them so open yourself up to hear what the universe has to say.


Your inner child is exhausted, and you need to recharge so that you feel like you can play.


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Set boundaries with the people in your life. People have been take, take, taking from you—and it’s time to push those b%tches back.


You’re so caring to others and now it’s time to care for yourself.


Spend more time at home, light some candles, eat a home cooked meal, cuddle up with your pets and your loved ones. Nourish yourself.


Listen to your moods. Give yourself what you need. Stop making excuses. Stop picking up phone calls to have conversations you have no interest in having. Put down the phone. Put down the electronics. Pick up your body and start reconnecting with your soul.


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