#BerlinFiles: A Naked Spa Called Liquidrom

Liquidrom: The best spa in Berlin; where wild party-goers go to 'take a night off;' a place where all can embrace their nudity.

This thermal bath house is situated in Potsdamer Platz, and has the facade of a landed UFO (when seen with the naked eye).

Image via  @laurenemma2401

Image via @laurenemma2401

When should you go?

During the week (if you can swing it).

During one of their DJ nights (with a group of friends).

When it’s burning hot outside, or when it’s freezing in the dead of winter.

Anytime you need a pick me up. 

Image via  @ebrubektaserdogan

Who should you go with?

Go by yourself, with a friend, with a lover.

Anyone who you feel comfortable with, can talk to for hours, and gives you a jolt of peaceful energy—because girl, this heat will make you feel exhausted. 

Image via Liquidrom

Image via Liquidrom

What should you bring?

Your hot bod, your own towels (if you’re into that), a sleek robe, a bathing suit, a bag to put your wet bathing suit in, and beauty products.  

The showers aren’t stocked with luscious soap, so I recommend you bring:

shampoo, conditioner, luscious soap, face mask(s), body clay, and hydrating oils. 

Image via:  @_franzichen

Image via: @_franzichen

What should you rent?

Anything above that you don’t feel comfortable bringing: towels, shoes, + robe.

Make sure you have two towels. Trust me, you’ll want them.

Think: after shower rub down. 

Image via Liquidrom

Image via Liquidrom

What’s the best way to navigate Liquidrom’s spa offerings?

When you head into the spa area, check out the free treatments that are happening that day.

There will be one free treatment every hour, and the type of treatments range from oil-infused coffee scrubs to being beaten with leaves (yes, some like it like that).

Make a note of which free treatments you must take part in, and head into the hottest sauna you can find.

Make sure you bring a towel with you everywhere (no one likes a bare, sweaty butt on clean cedar).

Then head into the Himalayan salt cave.

Breathe in the negative ions (also known as positive energy), and exhale the deep emotional toxicity that's lodged inside your bodily cells.

Stay in this room for at least 30 minutes.

Image via  @dmnkbrln

Image via @dmnkbrln

Then make your way to the outdoor salt pool.

I recommend after this pool you take a small break to slather your face and body with a clay face mask (or something that’s ultra-hydrating if you have dry, sensitive skin).

Grab a seat, and order a smoothie—or even a glass of prosecco if you’re feeling like you’re in the mood for some detox/retox ;).

The smoothies and teas were delicious—just don’t order food here.

(Their guacamole looked like something out of my eighty-year-old grandmother’s fridge—processed, expired, gooey, and unappetizing).

Image via:  @frau_honig89

Image via: @frau_honig89

After lounging, rinse your masks off, and head to the Omm-Sound pool.

Grab some floating noodles and create a supportive flotation device underneath your neck, lower back, and feet. I recommend at least three noodles in each area.

Have a friend watch you so that you don’t go off gliding into a canoodling couple (ha!).

Image via  @johanreinhold

Image via @johanreinhold

Any insider tips?

Bathing suits are appreciated in all of the pools, but not appreciated in any of the sauna rooms.

Be prepared to see some full frontal nudity.

It’s cool, as long as you aren’t caught off guard. No one stares at you, so don’t stare at them.

Keep track of your time inside the spa! It’s easy to forget how long you’ve been in there, so I’d map out what you want to do before you head in, or enjoy paying for the extra time ;)

Don’t forget to add in showering time if you tend to take forever (ahem). 

Enjoy the heat <3 

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