#NewYorkNights: HigherDOSE at 11 Howard

Photo via 11 Howard

Photo via 11 Howard

HigherDOSE is New York City's go-to for fashion models, health junkies, and anyone looking to 'get high on their own supply.'

The company, which was founded by one former venture capitalist and one former model, is changing the health arena across the eastern seaboard.

They want you to get high on your body's natural supply of dopamine and serotonin, sweat out heavy toxins lodged in your body, and feel confident in your birthday suit. 

Their newest location is situated on the third floor of SoHo's boutique hotel, 11 Howard—and this is everything you need to know about New York's hottest place to 'get high.'

Image via HigherDose.com

Image via HigherDose.com

What is an infrared sauna? And why is it good for you?

An infrared sauna is not your typical steaming box. Yes, it's similar to a cedar sauna—however, it's lit up with infrared rays that heat up the box to 157 degrees fahrenheit—there are no coals, and you won't be pouring water onto anything to make it hotter. 

The infrared rays mimic those of the sun, but they won't give you a tan. Instead, your eyes will catch the wave lengths of the rays and your brain will release dopamine and serotonin (the same way it would if you spent the day outside). 

Heavy metals will begin to release from your body, and the antibacterial nature of the light will kill off any germs that are present in your body (including acne). 

What can you expect when you pop out? A happy demeanor, glowing skin, boosted energy, and a thirst to quench. 

An infrared sauna raises your heartbeat to match a light jog, which means you're burning calories while you're inside, and get the benefits of doing a light workout just by sitting! 

Infrared therapy is also great for anyone who suffers from mild insomnia—it helps you move into a deeper sleep, alleviating those sleepless nights that many of us face during the summer months.

Want to learn more about infrared saunas? Check out this interview I conducted with the HigherDOSE founders back in 2015, where we go into more detail about the benefits of using and infrared sauna.

Image via  @lovethealchemist

What are the perks at HigherDOSE's 11 Howard location?

Unlike HigherDOSE's other locations—the 11 Howard saunas are located within a converted hotel room. That means you get a private room, private shower, and the time + space to check-out of the real world while you're 'getting dosed.' 

The room is stocked with a giant canteen of purified water, palo santo, HigherDOSE matches, towels, rose water, and a cord to plug your phone into the sauna's sound system to jam out to your favorite tunes while you get hot and get high

It's recommended that you go into the sauna for 45 minutes maximum—and take breaks when you need to! 

Sharing is caring, and this experience is so much more fun when you bring a friend. Because you have the whole space of the hotel room, it's a fun way to bond, and do something that's a little out of the box and leaves you feeling glowy (rather than hungover).

Want an insider tip?

Go on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. There's a complimentary wine hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in "The Library" located on the second floor of 11 Howard, just past The Blond. After you enjoy a glass of vino, pop into the sauna and vibe out with your own playlist, light some palo santo, and get some quality 1-1 time with your friends. 

Enjoy the glow.