#TulumDiaries: The Shopaholic's Guide to Tulum's Best Boutiques

Image via  romero y miel

Image via romero y miel

Something about Tulum makes you want to just take the whole thing with you.

It's styled to a T, the people are phenomenal, and it feels like you are living in a dream land (it's incredible that this place even exists).  If you're hanging around Tulum, chances are you are going to see dream catchers. Grab one, make a wish—and take it home with you.

We all know that the best way to keep memories of your trip is to buy gifts for your friends, and buy special pieces from local shops that you just wouldn't be able to get anywhere else... Here are six places you should shop while hanging in Tulum, Quintana Roo.  

1. La Tienda en frente de Zamas

Head to the entrance of Zamas, and look directly across the street! There's a small shop there, and this shop is golden. It's the perfect place to grab gifts for friends and family, pick up trinkets for your home, and obviously go shopping for yourself!

Items to not miss in this store are: 

  • Palo Santo. Their palo santo is some of the purest stuff I've burned life to date! Buy BUNDLES. I would honestly would plan a trip to go get more—the scent is pure, and the affects are powerful. 
  • Jewelry. These women know how to source their gems! You will have to take them home and clean them off to get them to sparkle, but their gem stones feature some of the coolest cuts, and are the perfect take home piece to remember your trip. Go through everything, you will find something you love. 
  • Candles. Ever heard of a reiki candle? It's a candle that's infused with a powerful intention to bring health and healing into your life—all you have to do to receive the blessing is hold the candle and 'make a wish.' This tienda has amazing Santa Maria candles, and the vibes in these are so powerful. I burned mine in my home, and instantly felt uplifted.
  • Match boxes! All across Mexico there are these adorable match boxes with painted covers. They are beautiful, and make the perfect gifts for your friends and family. I bought a huge stack to keep around my apartment—I love burning candles and they add a flavorful touch to my home!
  • Skulls. Mexico is known for it's fascination with skulls. It's a cool way to pay homage to our ancestors, and I'm all into it. You can head here to pick up cool skill pieces, turtles, and more. It's a great way to support a local business and get something you love. 


2. Shalom

From one fashionista to another—head to Shalom. This store is one of the BEST merchandised stores I've seen in my life. 

They've nailed down boho beauty, and do it in an effortlessly chic way. Pick up anything from this store and you'll be wearing it all over Tulum (and all over your home city). 

The items are functional, look very high end, and aren't too painful for your pocket book! 

Check out their accessory section—they have a collection of cool shades, and shoes you won't want to miss out on.


3. Street Vendors cerca de Puro Corazon 

Head over to Puro Corazon, get a drink at their bar, hang out with their adorable animals—and when you're feeling like your blood sugar is back up take a walk around the block. 

There are tons of street vendors selling everything from crystals to keepsakes.

Buy from these lovely people!! They are keeping the local culture alive, and they are the ones who benefit most from your shopping dollars!

Place the money right into the hands of the people. Your business helps them more than you can even know. 


4. De La Rosa Tulum

If you like jewelry, head to De La Rosa Tulum. They have super cool, super functional jewelry. 

It's fine jewelry and some pieces feature beautiful gem stones. Even if you're not looking to buy, checking out their stuff is always fun—and who doesn't love trying things on?! 


5. Mr. Blackbird

Ooooh, Mr. Blackbird. I love you. 

This hyper-curated shop is phenomenal. You can buy a piece of jewelry for yourself and your lover while also checking out their collection of boho-chic accessories + clothes. 

The design aesthetic is so cool—they have sand as their floor option (careful if you are bringing little kids!). 

It's a fun place to browse around while you're waiting for your reservation at Arca to be fulfilled—and sometimes it's really just fun to look around to see items you might not be interested in normally!

Did you know that window shopping has the same emotional benefits as actually purchasing? It's true—so go ahead, try it all on... 


6. Sanara Tulum Shop

Sanara Tulum has an amazing selection of clothes, accessories, and special pieces for your home. My recommendation is that you check out their dream catchers, and check out their accessories section. 

They have amazing pieces that have that boutique feeling—which means no one else is going to be holding the clutch you're holding—and it's still on the high-end side. 

If you're not in the mood to shop, check out their spa and check out their yoga schedule. Totally worth the trip. 

Shop 'till you drop, right? ;)