#TulumDiaries: Best Places to Connect with Nature in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Image via Colibri Hotels

Image via Colibri Hotels

1. Ruinas de Tulum

Bring a cold drink, pack a hat + sunscreen, and show up in your bathing suit. 

When you head to the ruinas you will want to give yourself the opportunity to spend the day here and soak up the sun on the banks of the protective fort of Tulum (which is really what this was during ancient Mayan times when Tulum was a trading port for Turquoise and Jade—drool!). 

When you arrive at Las Ruinas de Tulum visit el castillo (there is a temple in the front—say a prayer to the Mayan Gods if you will), and then head around the back of el castillo and go for a walk on the beach! 

According to the Tulum Ruins official website, "El castillo has a pathway that leads down to a sandy beach and into the multi-hued Caribbean. For visual drama, a walk along the beach provides ample opportunity for photographs." Oooooh.


2. Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka'an is a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of Tulum.

It's the perfect place to visit during the day or sunset. 

Make a mental note to yourself RIGHT NOW that you will stay away from their place during peak sun hours.

Why? The water is so bright and reflective that your chances of being badly burned are at an all time high. 

When you get to Sian Ka'an connect with a guide, and get yourself into a kayak and jet off to the UNESCO world heritage site just outside of Tulum. Enjoy the amazing ride. 

Looking for a guide? These are contacts that I found, but I cannot verify whether they are good or bad!

Check the out at your own free will :) :

Contact: Pepe.Cesiak@Gmail.Com

Or call 984-140-7870 (totally different person, not Pepe).


3. Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is a special tour within the caves of Tulum. It's completely dark inside, and you will do a combination of walking and swimming with a tour guide. If you're afraid of the dark, this place isn't for you. 

My Recommendation: Sign up for the group tour, explore the car, and book in advance. 

Note: When booking, book in advance over chat for “special deal,” no promo codes valid on website, only via chat or phone.


4. Aktun Chen

Head to Aktun Chen to enjoy their nature park. Go during the late afternoon/early evening and ask about their night show!

The night show is meant to give you a slice of Mayan culture, and they have a shaman present (who doesn't like that?!). 


5. Akumal Diving Center  

Akumal Diving Center is a perfect place to go for diving, scuba instruction, snorkeling, and fishing—but that's not what I'm going to recommend to you! The thing you should head to the Akumal Diving Center for is turtle watching!!!

Turtles are ancient beings. The have the capacity to live for hundreds of years. They are the spiritual symbol for "longevity, blessings, journeys, patience, and protection," according to Universe of Symbolism—and there's no other place dedicated to turtle watching within the region of Tulum (that's received as much praise). 


6. Cenote Azul

Head to Cenote Azul for freshwater cave diving.  Click here for more information.


7. Dos Ojos

When I was in Tulum, one of my drivers gave me some great advice... He said head to Dos Ojos for freshwater cave diving (instead of Cenote Azul). He claimed that the caves of Dos Ojos were much more beautiful, and that it was the only one worth checking out. 

Do some research by clicking on the info here, and make your own choice!

Freshwater cave diving is beautiful anywhere you go ;)