#TulumDiaries: The Food for Foodies in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Image via CondeNast Traveler

Image via CondeNast Traveler


1. Cafe Banana

Cafe Banana is ADORABLE. Head there for some serious coffee in the middle of a jungle. It's open day and night, but I found the atmosphere best for a delicious, long, extended breakfast (seriously, you won't want to get up). 

It's the perfect place to get your group together and plan out the rest of your day, or just enjoy the birds and the bees. 

Everything we ate here was delicious. It also could be amazing hangover food (eggs, anyone?!). 


2. Zamas 

Zamas has been a Tulum staple for over twenty years. It's located next to a small beach, and is tucked behind a slew of palm trees. 

It's the perfect spot for brunch—order the juevos rancheros, rice + beans, and fresh juices! 

For coconut lovers you can order a fresh coconut that they slice open in front of you, or green juice squeezed freshly on the premises.

After you eat you can soak up the sun on the beach, or you can head out to the shops to get your shopping fix. 

For shopping: Go directly across the street to a mini-tienda that has everything from candles to jewelry and decorated matchboxes. Head away from the bridge and you'll come across amazing shops like Shalom, and keep going. You'll find little stalls where locals sell woven hats, and handmade clothes. Stay tuned for the Shopaholics Guide to Tulum for more on this... 


3. Mi Amor 

Mi Amor is a boutique hotel that has an incredible restaurant with an incredible view and vibe. Beware: no kids allowed. 

Come here for an amazing breakfast, and while you are here ask them about their special (romantic) events in the evening—they bring in live singers and a live acoustic band to help you relax over a glass of wine (or tequila, LOL). 



1. Murmur Tulum

Head to MurMur Tulum for green juice, drinks, and access to cute adorable shops. If you've had a heavy breakfast this place is great for a light snack or even a light lunch. Perfect place to spike your freshly squeezed green juice with a splash of tequila. (Who doesn't want that on vacation?!). Also see my write up on dinner below (it's #5). 


2. Mi Vida

This adorable casita is perfect for a late lunch! Head here to jump in the waves, have a glass of wine, and dine on the freshest of foods. 

You will want to come here in the later half of the afternoon. Why? So that you can catch a beachside sunset, and soak in the sun's rays when they won't burn your precious skin. 


3. La Zebra

La Zebra is another boutique hotel located in the jungles of Tulum. Head to the back where they have a sit down area, and bar—and keep going! 

Go to the beachside cushions, and set up your spot. If you aren't staying at the hotel they require you to order a minimum amount of five-hundred pesos (which will get you an amazing and filling lunch). 

There will be people walking by selling things on the beach—but don't be so quick to shoo them away! They are selling amazing, local products such as bee pollen, honey, and more. It's seriously special, and you shouldn't miss out on it! 



1. Arca

Arca is beautiful! Candles everywhere. No floor, just gravel. No ceiling, just tables and chairs. Everyone eating here looks so contempt and happy. 

Come here after a long day at the beach or sightseeing. It's a place to unwind, and embrace your true nature within the center of nature. 

Make sure you head over early though–it's a beautiful spot, it fills up fast, and closes relatively early.


2. Cenzontle 

Can you say romantic? Cenzontle is the place to go when you feel super in love, and want to dance your heart away. 

All of the tables are accompanied with antique couches, and lit by candlelight. 

Don't skip on the cocktails here—they were amazing... and so was the homemade chili sauce (for you spice lovers out there). We re-ordered the chili-sauce three times because it was so fresh and delicious. 


3. Restaurare (vegan super mayan)

Oh my god, we were blown away by Restaurare. This vegan kitchen is SUPER connected to Tulum's Mayan roots. 

We were so into the Mayan curry we ate there, I think I actually licked my plate in public (LOL, when in the jungle...). 

Order anything on this menu and you will be satisfied, and DO NOT SKIP DESSERT! 

The food, the wine, the atmosphere—it's all incredible. There is no roof, or ceiling, there is only shrubbery and candles to light your way. 

Bring your bug spray though—the bugs can smell happiness, and you'll end up with a thousand more bites here than any other location. 


4. Hartwood

Hartwood is commonly known as one of the best restaurants in Tulum. They don't have a traditional refrigerator, they only have ice + a tiny solar fridge. Their style is minimalistic, all organic, locally sourced, and changes on day to day basis. 

They have a simple kitchen with a wood burning grill, and the fish served on your plate was caught that day (with a spear!)

Although the restaurant is only open for dinner, head over at 3:00 p.m. to get in the 'reservation line.' Hopefully you'll get a reservation that day, but if not, make sure to get one during your stay.

Dinner for two without drinks is about 600 Mexican pesos (woo!).


5. MurMur Tulum

You know you're in the right spot when you run into friends—and that's exactly what happened to me here. Sitting in the comfy, plush chairs of MurMur, I ran into a friend who has the ability to look into your eyes and tell you everything you need to know about your current existence. 

He was with a group of chilled out psychics who self-proclaimed that they were out to help the world with their super powers, and it was pretty fucking cool. 

MurMur has something gentle and inviting about it, and it's so nice to relax and connect with the people around you. It's not stiff or stuffy, and you'll feel comfortable striking up a conversation with anyone

The food here was INCREDIBLE. Definitely order a cocktail, order anything that's char grilled. The food, music, and energy was fantastic. I think the vibe is perfect for anyone who is just coming off of a plane and needs to allow themselves to unravel (in a good way). 


6. Gitano

Gitano is the place. Party in a jungle. Eat dinner in a jungle. Drink amazing drinks in a jungle. When you are too tired from all of your daytime activities to roam from place to place to place, then hit up this spot. They have amazing full moon parties, and are the hot spot on Thursdays through Saturdays. 


7. Mi Amor

Are you on a romantic couples trip? If yes, carve out time to come here for dinner on a night when they have the live band. It's the perfect way to kick off date night, and enjoy a bite to eat while snuggling up to your lover.